3 Essential Foot Care Tips for Patients with Diabetes

Having high blood sugar concentrations causes diabetes with one of the first major symptoms being peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) that typically shows up first in the feet and ankles. The disease slowly deteriorates the nerves making it progressively harder to feel pain, heat, and cold. Infections can go unnoticed and untreated possibly leading to an ulcer and the amputation of a toe or even an entire foot, so make regular appointments with your foot doctor to avoid such dreadful complications.

3 essential tips for keeping your feet healthy when you have diabetes include the following:

1) Wear properly fitted shoes with orthotic inserts—Always have your feet measured when buying shoes since your feet expand over time. Specially made shoes for diabetic patients are an excellent option. Choose footwear that has a wide toe box to allow your toes room to move, and a deeper heel cup for increased comfort and stability. Orthotic inserts can redirect pressure away from ulcers and also treat and prevent many foot and ankle problems.

2) Perform a daily foot inspection—Carefully check your feet every day, being sure to look at the bottoms and between the toes. If needed, use a mirror and look for any bruises, cuts, blisters, toenail problems, etc. and treat them promptly. 

3) Carefully follow your foot and ankle treatment plan—Make sure you comprehend and dutifully follow your treatment plan to catch problems before they worsen.

If you are dealing with diabetes, be sure to make your foot doctor part of the team in the management of your illness. At CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, Lori K. Paragas, DPM treats many foot and ankle conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. At our Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center, Dr. Martin C. Donnelly, D.C. treats a wide variety of conditions including back & neck pain, post operative pain, hip, leg and knee pain and shoulder, arm and hand pain. CT Family Foot Care and Surgery and the Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center provide specialized, high quality service for patients in the Hamden, CT area. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles contact us at (203) 288-0129 and to reach the laser center call (203) 507-2290.

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