How MLS Laser Therapy Promotes Healing

MLS laser therapy is an advanced system that uses dual wavelengths of light. These continuous and pulsed emissions enhance intracellular activity and increase the rate of healing. An added benefit is that they significantly reduce pain and discomfort. The therapy is used to treat a multitude of ailments including tendonitis, heel pain, sprains, and diabetic ulcers to name a few. A robotic head can be utilized to provide the best coverage over larger areas.

The MLS laser promotes healing with the following biological effects:

● Photochemical effects—The laser produces a direct transfer of energy to the biological sublayers thereby enhancing enzyme activation, increasing modulation of cell metabolism, and diminishing the sensation of pain.

● Photothermal effects—These include an increase in blood circulation and a rejuvenated supply of oxygen and essential nutrients.

● Photomechanical effects—An extracellular matrix is created that promotes tissue repair and regeneration which contributes to an enhanced rate of lymphatic peristalsis, the reabsorption of edemas, and the revitalization of microcirculation.

This non-invasive treatment has no negative side effects and since it causes a minimal perception of pain, no pain medications are required during recovery. Make an appointment with the laser center today. At our Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center, Dr. Martin C. Donnelly, D.C. treats a wide variety of conditions including back & neck pain, post-operative pain, hip, leg & knee pain and shoulder, arm and hand pain. At CT Family Foot Care and Surgery, Lori K. Paragas, DPM treats many foot and ankle conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. CT Family Foot Care and Surgery and the Advanced Laser Pain Relief Center provide specialized, high-quality service for patients in the Hamden, CT area. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles contact us at (203) 288-0129 and to reach the laser center call (203) 507-2290.

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